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Help Meets an Undergraduate Girl who Works at Construction Site

She works tirelessly not just for grades but also for funds to meet her needs. She’s tough and relentless. She’s Okuro Jennifer Efemonghe
She’s a 200l student of banking and finance department, University of Benin.

Twenty years old Jennifer Efemonghe has been in the hustle for as old as time.
Her shy nature hindered her from begging for alms to meet her needs hence she resolved into menial jobs.

Though tough for ladies, Jennifer Efemonghe proved tougher. She worked at a laundry shop where she was meant to be paid 15,000 monthly. But due to a shortage of funds, diligent Jennifer Efo was sacked and demised with a payment of 3650.

Not relenting was Jennifer Efemonghe who found a construction site close to her previous house. She took a job to carry blocks, 10 buckets of sand, and 10 buckets of granite to the third floor in a 3 story building.
Depending on the nature of work, she was paid 2000 naira and when it’s more tedious she was paid 4000.

Without a thought of quitting, determined Jennifer Efemonghe took her job seriously for about two weeks before she came to the limelight. She got to the site as early as 6 am and worked till about 4 pm in the evening ( when she does not have class).

A picture of her working at the site turned the spotlight on her. She uploaded on Twitter and got massive likes for diligence.

Seeing her hard work, Minister for youth and sports, Sunday Dare declared his support to Jennifer Efemonghe. Through his DAD foundation, Sunday Dare placed her on scholarship all through her years of study. He admonished her to diligently study and graduate with good grades.

Aside from the scholarship offered to Jennifer Efemonghe, Nigerians from both in and out of the country commended her hard work. While others appreciated her doggedness through donations of funds.

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