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Gov. Fayemi Appoints COVID-19 Response Ambassador.

The government of Ekiti state declared that anybody entering Ekiti state through whatever means should be subjected to 14-day isolation be it indigen or not.

While this declaration was passed, many smuggled their way into the state and avoided the isolation but that wasn’t the case of Comr. Femi Adeoye whose name hits the street of social media for strictly making his son adhere to this law.

Comr. Adeoye is a retired Federal road safety officer who sent his son, who travelled from Lagos to Ekiti for the 14- day isolation before gaining access to his house.

His video went viral and got the attention of the government. On the 30th April 2020, Adeoye was invited by Governor Fayemi for an appointment as a member of the state’s Covid-19 taskforce which the governor heads as chairman.

Governor Fayemi said Adeoye was awarded the appointment for been patriotic and selfless. He said Adeoye out of love for his son could have simply allowed his son in but based on the existing regulations he refused. He urged Nigerian to learn from him and assured that his son would soon be released to him after the 14 days quarantine. He further encouraged citizens of Ekiti state to follow suit by reporting promptly anyone who entered the state through whatever means to the appropriate authority.

Comr. Adeoye appreciated Fayemi for recognizing his little contribution towards the fight against COVID-19. He also said Nigerians should not see him as a wicked father but someone who believed that the nation is greater than an individual, adding that he did what he did for the collective good of all.

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