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Failed His Way to Success: Poor University Student in Nigeria Succeeded to Become a Professor, Launched Company Approved by The UK Endorsement Body

“Your background should never keep your back on the ground,” so they say. But for Ifeanyi Obi, that was initially his case. He was a poor student during his undergraduate days. According to him, this was due to personal issues and a supposed prophecy of a prophet that he will never achieve academic success. Luck would later smile at him as he managed to graduate with a Second Class, Lower division from the University of Nigeria, South-East, Nigeria where he studied Architecture and Building Technology.

Somehow, this triggered him and he decided to break the jinx to further his education via a scholarship abroad. Unfortunately, his past academic record started to haunt him as he was confronted with rejections from his applications about 16times. However, with perseverance and determination, he kept pressing toward the mark until he got a breakthrough for a scholarship in Cyprus later on for a Master’s degree.

It’s easy to guess that his years of failure strengthened him as he documented in one of his LinkedIn posts where he shared this success story. Quoting him, he said, “I proceeded with great determination to Cyprus to study. I told myself I only could turn my story around. With increased focus and developed study patterns.” He would eventually graduate with high honors of a 3.8 CGPA which earned him the university’s Best Graduating Student award alongside an offer to go for his Ph.D.

With the turnaround in his academic and life history, Ifeanyi didn’t relent but continued to prove that he had greatness yet unleashed in him. He completed his Ph.D. program and was retained as a Lecturer at the University. After 4years in that position, he was promoted to the position of Associate Professor of Construction Technology.

Gathering all his experiences and knowledge from many years of teaching and learning, he started a software company named BuildTech which has been approved by the United Kingdom endorsement body. In addition, he was granted an Innovator Migrant Visa to establish a software Laboratory in London, UK.

While concluding his LinkedIn post, Ifeanyi Obi proudly stated that he has now worked in collaboration with almost all the Universities that rejected him in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. No doubt, this is inspiring. And Ifeanyi says he hopes to inspire upcoming generations never to give up on their dreams. “If you read to this end fam, never give up!” he said.

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