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Elemchi Nwosu, Overall Distinction Graduate from University of Oxford

Elemchi Nwosu is an inspiring personality with multi-distinctive qualities who is yet proving women’s relevance and dominating sectors of the world.

She is a Diplomatic Studies Scholar from the University of Oxford who achieved an overall Distinction—the highest score in her 2018/19 cohort. Her thesis, which explored Chinese-Nigerian relations and its impact on Nigeria’s economic growth, was officially published after receiving the First-Class Award and has been acknowledged by key players on the continent including the former Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. She has also engaged in discussions with Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria, to explore human development challenges in 21st Century Africa.

But long before her Oxford feat, Elemchi was creating a positive impact in the economic development space. For example, she’s managed over 20 economic growth projects across Africa with an average portfolio size of £12 million. Her client portfolio has included multilateral actors like the UN and World Bank, government agencies such as the UK Department for International Development, and private sector companies. Her expertise is highly sought after as a partnership and resource mobilization expert who facilitates trade and investment ties in emerging markets.

She served as Keynote Speaker for the African Coalition for Corporate Accountability’s 6th General Assembly in Côte d’Ivoire and was recently appointed as an International Trade Advisor to the UK Department for International Trade, where she maximizes commercial opportunities between the UK and Africa.

Her recent article entitled, ‘China’s Engagement with Africa: Promoting Rentierism? A case study of Sino-Nigerian Economic Relations’ can be accessed here. During her first degree, a Bachelor of Science in International Relations with Economics, Elemchi participated in an exchange programme at Shanghai Maritime University where she honed her interest in Global South affairs.

Elemchi is passionate about uplifting underserved communities and enhancing the narrative of Africa.

We celebrate her!

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