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Elemchi Nwosu, Overall Distinction Graduate from University of Oxford

Elemchi Nwosu is an amazing personality with multi-distinctive qualities who is yet proving women’s relevance and dominating sectors of the world.

She is a scholar who has read yet not relenting. She had her student exchange program in Shangai Maritoni University. She furthered for her Bachelor of Science, First Degree in International Relations with Economics and graduated with Honours from the University of Plymouth.

Recently, she completed her diploma studies MSt. at the University of Oxford with overall distinction. She also had a First Class honour for her thesis on China’s Engagements with Africa: Promoting Renerism? A case study of Sino-Nigerian Economic Relations.

In addition, she has demonstrated a history of managing high-risk multi-donor international development projects with a combined contract value of over £100m. She is also a published author, researcher and Capacity Building Consultant on China-Africa commercial relations (opportunities, risks and accountability).

She is also the Director United Nations Security Council at Oxford Model United Nations, an Oxford Global initiative.

She is passionate about economic growth, governance and private sector development. She is excited about creating positive impact initiatives!

We celebrate her!

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