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COVID-19: Officers on Night Patrol Rescues Woman in Labour

At around 3 a.m in the midnight of Friday, 16th April, the police officers, as usual, were on their patrol in Ikoyi area of Lagos State when they stumbled on a man in distress.

They stopped their vehicle and moved closer to interrogate the man why he would be headed out of his shelter in the dark hours of the night especially during a lockdown.

The tensed man didn’t wait another minute before he blurted that his wife was currently wailing in the agonizing pain of labour and he came out to get a vehicle to convey her to a hospital but he hadn’t been fortunate to meet any.

The police officers without a second thought hurriedly got him into their vehicle and zoomed straight to the man’s residence. On getting there, the news wasn’t any different and quickly, they arranged and took the woman in their patrol vehicle to a hospital in Obalende, Lagos.

The officers left on seeing they are safe. Two days after, being Sunday 19th of April, the officer visited them in the hospital and the news that greeted him was that the wife had been delivered of a bouncing baby girl.

We appreciate the officers for their kind gesture. Together we can achieve more. COVID-19 will soon pass.

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