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COVID-19: Non-Contact Mobile Testing and Sample Collection Booths Available for Use

Countless good heads had come together since the outbreak of COVID-19 to see how to put check and balances to it’s spread. Of all that has got going, only a few have succeeded in contributing immensely and we won’t fail to applaud this achievement as it surfaces.

However, one progress recorded is still progress in any case. The Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN), an Medical Emergency Service that specializes in air ambulances, medevac, medico-logistics services, remote site medical solutions services, medical infrastructural development and medical training services, has since been on the lookout trying different methods to safeguard health workers as much as they are trying to care for the infected and attend to the tested.

In addition, the drive was also accompanied by the expensive cost of personal protective equipment which is no longer affordable for centres. FDN has succeeded in an idea to combat COVID-19 in form of providing mobile testing and sample collection booths. It has also assisted in the establishment of a molecular laboratory in Ogun State.

This booth formed the ‘Drive Through Sample Collection Centre’ in Ogun State, a location where healthcare workers can take samples without ever coming into direct contact with patients.

FDN says it believes that if other Nigerian states & African countries can produce booths at cost-effective rates, the spread of COVID-19 in Africa can be curbed.

This is what we look forward to becoming better in till we see the end of COVID-19.

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