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Nigerians Top UFC Record.

Holding the baton in different fields of life is one interesting view Nigerians has created over the years. On the sports field, some Nigerians abroad have made the country proud by topping the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) record. One of such top UFC record-maker…
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Over 1,000 Nigerian's lives Saved At No Cost

Pains were turned to passion, challenges came to change(save) many, the poor can enjoy good health. This is the driving force behind Dr Benjamin Oluwatosin Adesoji who almost lost his life due to a fatal accident which resulted in multiple injuries and severe damage to his…
Proudly Nigerian

Nigerian Lawyer Honoured by Queen Elizabeth

Her diligence and outstanding work are what keeps the hallway lights on her. She’s one of the women who did not let her nationality pose as a hindrance to the peak of her career. She’s Funke Abimbola Funke Abimbola is a graduate from Newcastle University.