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Busayo Aduloju- Bowen’s Economist First Class Graduate

Success is addictive and most be achieved with deliberate efforts. This is the belief of a 4.94/5.00 CGPA graduate of Bowen University Iwo Osun State.
Busayo Aduloju graduated as the second best graduating student in her set (2018/2019)

She’s a lady who sees success as a trophy for determination and success. Her family played a great role in her success story. Her dad who was a lover of academic success will always give a big frown to an average report card and gives gifts for an excellent result. Her mum during her secondary school days will tell her friends to put her through subjects that seemed difficult. Aduloju was bombed with a series of lesson teachers back in her high school days which she is always grateful for till today.

Her decision to be an economist was ignited by her secondary school economics teacher; Mr Abolarin who communicated economics in a simple and passionate way.

Her university days was beautiful paint of hard work. Aduloju was so studious to the point that the Liberians and library users knew her seat at the library. Going home for Easter break and attending the social gathering was part of the sacrifices for her success.

Aduloju successfully combined spirituality and academic work together. Her dad will always tell her “Your book, Your God”. He encouraged them to find a perfect balance. He said books must not be placed above God and service to God must not hinder academic success.

Aduloju lost her dad after her 300l first semester exams. It was a big blow for her but that did not blind her vision for success. She said her joy is that she and her siblings are doing her father proud today.

Aduloju encouraged freshmen to stay focused and ask success demanding questions like: Am I a night reader? Can I combine other activities with my studies? Can I manage to have lots of friends? And many more questions.

She plans to go into the core finance; investment banking, asset management, global market and research.

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