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Borno State Governor Approves Scholarship For Orphans Of Civilian JTF Killed Since 2013

The importance of Civilian Joint Task was reaffirmed by Governor Zulum, who expressed his gratitude to selfless citizens who are at the forefront of the battle against Boko Haram in Borno State. Civilian Joint Task Force was established in 2013, is a group of militant established to fight against Boko Haram in Borno State. Since it’s establishment the group has recorded about 600 casualties in the conflict, including both lost and missing members.

Governor Zulum addressed 9,000 volunteers who have been fighting alongside the Nigerian armed forces to bring an end to Boko Haram in Borno State. He assured scholarship to verified citizens, placed widows on monthly salaries and also provided foodstuff for the vulnerable.

In his addressed titled, ‘Fighting Boko Haram: Zulum approves scholarship for orphans of Civilian JTF killed since 2013’
He said,”Our indomitable men and women of the civilian JTF, hunters and vigilantes, the people of Borno State are mightily and gratefully proud of each of you. Nothing can compensate for the sacrifices you are making. This is particularly so for many of our fellow compatriots who have died on the battlefields.
In the last seven years, we have recorded instances in which volunteers in the civilian JTF have intercepted suicide attackers and in the process lost their lives. We have recorded more instances of many killed in major battles after they also succeeded in our shared victories over Boko Haram at different encounters.

These volunteers fought and died with no death benefits, no pension, and no gratuities. As we should expect, orphaned children and widows left behind by these fallen Civilian JTF and hunters have been struggling whether to feed, to access medical services, or to access basic and secondary education.

It is my honour to hereby announce that Borno State Government will award education scholarship to the most vulnerable orphans of Civilian JTF who have been killed at battlefronts.

“This scholarship will be awarded in phases, starting with the youngest and most vulnerable families of the earliest fallen volunteers, down to the most recently killed.

“The parents of these children died fighting for all of us, the people of Borno State, the very least we can do is work towards the future of their children.

“For widows left behind, we shall today release some social intervention packages to them, especially food.”

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