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Anambra’s own Hero

Saviour in Human Form -A Man Rescues Lives and Millions of Naira Worth Goods from Fire Outbreak in Anambra

A man tagged to be “Hero of our time” has been seen on two occasions in an act to rescue lives from a fire outbreak.

Sadly, on one of the occasions, a woman and her child were brought out dead, according to him, before he could locate her after he heard cry it was already late, and that resorted to their death.

But recently in Onitsha, Anambra State it was a different story entirely. Mr. Ekene Iwuoha – The Hero of our time, saved the lives of traders trapped in their stores during the fire outbreak

The spontaneous thing about Mr. Ekene Iwuoha’s rescue mission is that not only lives were saved but goods worth millions of naira were saved as well. As he threw goods from the top floor, while the fire was destroying the building. He was so selfless about the rescue mission as an eye witness said, they thought he had passed on, not until he came out from the flames.

Mr. Ekene is indeed a hero and deserves all the accolades Nigerian can give.

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