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Amazing Result From Davido’s Scholarship Beneficiary

The joy of sowing is the bountiful harvest that comes afterwards. There is no greater joy than the successful feedback gotten from the seed planted in the life of the needy.
Here is Olajide Daniel Sanyaolu who was a step away from dropping out of school due to insufficient funds.

In 2015, Olajide Daniel Sanyaolu solicited funds to pull through his education at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Through, he sourced funds with a campaign titled ‘Send Jide back to university with the hope of raising £ 24,700. After days 10 days of his publication, he got £4,284 which was donated by 143 people.

Coincidentally, that was the period David celebrated his big win of having a million followers on his Instagram page. To show his gratitude, Davido promised a one million naira prize to a lucky fan. In August 2015, Olajide Daniel Sanyaolu was declared as the winner.

After completing his studies at Liverpool, Daniel Sanyaolu applied for another degree at Afe Babalola University.

Amazingly, years after the kind gesture of the award-winning artist; Davido, Olajide Daniel Sanyaolu graduated with a first-class degree from Afe Babalola University in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Olajide was excitement was taken to social media, as he appreciated the efforts of those who helped him through school.

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