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Amazing! Nigerian’s Zita Ejike Wins Global Child Prodigy Award In Dubai

It was a choice of 100 children who were qualified to win the global child prodigy award. Among the selected 100, 13-year-old Zita Ejike emerged as the only Nigerian child to be awarded the Global Youth Prodigy 2022.

Zita was awarded for her entrepreneurial prowess in the Shea butter business, which she started at age nine.
Her passion for the business started at age 7 when she saw some skin blemish on the skin of her classmate. Before then, Zita played a good role in assisting her mum with the production of natural organic skincare products. Little Zita told her mum of her classmate’s skin blemish and her mum gave her shea butter to give her classmate. After three days of applying the shea butter, her skin was restored. That occasion spored up her zeal for her business which is called Zee Shea Hub.

Zita is a member of the headstart community whose leader is John Obidi.

In honour to Zita’s award, John Obidi sent a gift (which he calls little) of 200,000 naira through a representative at the ceremony in Dubai.

John Obidi specifically told his friends and followers on his Facebook account that he wasn’t giving Zita a monetary gift to support her business but to honour her.

Obidi’s representative took and picture of the cash award moment, of which Obidi said, he hopes someday Zita will remember this picture with fondness and replicate same for countless others in that generation.

The philanthropic nature of Zita Ejika is not one to be ignored as she is known for selfless giving. Zita uniquely removes resources only for restock of the business and spends the rest on others.
Countless times, Zita was identified either at the national hospital or an orphanage home just extending her kind gesture to children.

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