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AMAZING: 5 Daughters of One Parent, All became Doctors

In Africa, with Nigeria taking the lead, it is a general belief that female children are not worth investing in.

Upon enlightenment in years later, quite a number of parents have decided to dare the future. After which, this particular gender discrimination has consciously subsided as these set of people have been seen to scale hurdles, attain heights, achieve feats as their male counterparts.

The discriminatory prepositions have refused to gain ground any longer. A good number of eminent and relevant leaders and personalities have surfaced from this gender.

A proof of this is the viral news of 5 sisters of one parent who pursued their careers in the lucrative field of medicine and became a specialist in different sub-sections as seen:

Salamat Aliu (first female neurosurgeon in West Africa), Halima Aliu (plastic surgeon), Raliat Aliu (an obstetrician and gynaecologist), Khadijah Aliu (a family physician), and Medinah Aliu (public health physician).

A good number of Nigerians have associated with and celebrated this worthy feat which served as an eye-opener on why the girl child education should be encouraged.

We celebrate optimism on the part of their parent. We celebrate focus, passion and resilience in these sisters. The sisters are said to hail from Okene, Kogi state.

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