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Airport Cleaner, Josephine Ugwu Honoured by President Buhari, See Why?

Miss Josephine Ugwu is a woman in her late thirties. She hails from Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State. She had her tertiary education in Saviour Institute of Science, Enugu state where she had a National Diploma Certificate.

Miss Josephine has not had a fair deal with life generally. She sought for a good job for a while before luck smiled on her after visiting a man of God where she got connected to her cleaning job at the Muritala Mohammed Airport, Lagos.

The penny she receives from here does not completely suffice for her needs altogether. This pulled out the resourcefulness in her.

Still diligent in her workplace, she also does light meals likes of pepper soup, Abacha etc in her place of work which she sells to Customs, Immigration, NDLEA and other interested people at the airport. She also collects empty plastic bottles and sells to people who needs and uses them.

One major thing has stood Josephine out in the course of delivering her duties, it’s INTEGRITY.

In December 23rd, 2014, while going about her duty, she found a sum of misplaced 3million naira and on the investigation, she returned it to the rightful owner. On 27th December, the same year she found another 600,000naira and returned it to the owner.

At another time in 2015, she found a sum of misplaced 28,000dollars equivalent to 12million naira in the present-day dollar exchange rate for Nigerian currency and she returned it as well to the rightful owner.

All of these didn’t even strike a point until 2020, this year again, she found a sum of 17million naira and she did all she knew best to do, SHE DID RETURN IT.

The news this time spread and travelled to the hearing of the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. Conclusively, Here is Josephine honoured with a distinguishing ICPC Integrity Award alongside a house and over 90% salary increase in her workplace.

Josephine reacting to the situation and sending her words to encourage the world to keep doing the good they can in any way they can and at everywhere they can, said, “So, I am telling every Nigerian to be happy in any situation they find themselves. Don’t be faster than your shadow because so many things will go wrong. Sometimes things get bad because people want to be like others. All fingers are not equal. It is true that God promised those who serve him riches, but people should be careful how they go about it. I am telling people to have patience. It is because people want quick money that is why some people become thieves.”

See how tables turned for Josephine. We celebrate an icon of integrity who never allowed unfaithfulness and greed take a better part of her.

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