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17-year-old Opateyibo Builds Nigeria’s, First Drone

If success was awarded by age, then David Opateyibo would have a drum full of medals. David Opateyibo led a team of Lagos state Polytechnic students to build the country’s first-ever prototype drone.

David Opateyibo’s drone can fly for 15 minutes with a maximum altitude of 2000 feet. According to him, drones are not strictly built for aerial surveillance, but can also be used for aerial photography and videography, broadcasting, incidence control, or pipeline and power line inspection

The Lagos State government has decided to deploy Opateyibo’s drone for security surveillance.

The brilliance of David Opateyibo was also employed in the building of STOL CH750 at Zenith Aircraft Company’s facility in Missouri US and Mexico.
It was a 5 man project as Opateyibo, Fausat Idowu, Aliyyah Adio, Michael Fakuade and Abdul-Hafeez Onisarotu worked for hand in hand to build the Aircraft.

The airplane will be shipped to Nigeria to put to use as both a training tool and a functional airplane.

For the future, David Opateyibo’s plans are of help to humanity and he considers his greatest achievement as influencing lives as positively as possible.

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