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117 Years Record Broken: Teenager, Timi Adelakun Becomes First Nigerian Best Graduating Student in US School

Timi Adelakun is a resourceful 18-year-old young boy who has spent a good number of his years in the United States of America. His parents were born and bred in Nigeria.

In 1981, his father relocated to the United States of America for educational purposes. Unfortunately, his father was deported over 10years ago when he was just starting off his education. Timi Adelakun Father’s name is withheld from the public.

During this year’s graduation from South Broward High School in Hollywood, Florida when the news of him being the student with the highest CGPA recorded in the history of the school was aired, which happened to be a 5.604 GPA. It was indeed with mixed feelings he took the news.

Financial constraints have been a big issue to deal with for him. He joggled a number of things together to make both ends meet. With this seemingly uncertain situation, Timi remained focused in his pursuit for excellence in the lone and strange land.

Speaking with ABC News, He said Coming from a low-income community, it means a lot in general because of the way I was brought up.”

On this basis, Timi has been offered a scholarship from the various institution. He has decided to choose one in all. He will attend Pomona College, a private liberal arts college in Claremont, California. Reasons for him, Pomona not only offered him a full scholarship but also has facilities that would make his overall college experience a memorable one.

It was at this point he remembered his Dad who hadn’t been available physically for him. In his words, “He left when I was in the first grade. I miss his physical presence and involvement. He’s missed out and it’s not his fault. It’s not any of our faults.” he told Yahoo newsmen.

The graduation has been on hold due to the pandemic but proposed to come up virtually. While Timi isn’t yet in his finals, he’d be a privilege to charge up the graduating class of 2020. He has revealed that he is excited about it and would definitely make a speech that will provide some very positive reinforcement for the students.

While asked how he could attain the feat and sustain it, Adelakun said he had a solid foundation in his grades early enough which he built on today.

In his words, “South Broward sets you up to start off with college-level courses, so you’re pretty much in a good position GPA wise. South Broward High School, which is an Ace Program school, and each Ace class is college credit. At the same time, they offer AP courses and at the same time, they offer Broward College courses. I’ve been taking over 20 college courses worth of credit, and because of that, my AP credits, my Ace credits and my dual enrollment credits boost my GPA.”

Today, Timi is not graduating yet but has stolen the face of the entire show as the first black valedictorian, South Broward High School’s graduating class of 2020, Florida. He also has a pace-setting GPA. A record unmatched since the school was founded.

Timi has shown his excitement and said on his graduation, it’s very much likely for the CGPA to receive an increase.

We celebrate focus and resilience. We are proud to be associated with him.

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